Executive Committee

The Executive Committee's charge includes:

  • acting on behalf of the Board, pursuant to the policies and procedures established, on an ongoing basis during the year;
  • exercising general managerial responsibilities over the work of the NDLTD;
  • establishing policies of the NDLTD, consistent with bylaws and Board decisions;
  • coordinating the work of the various committees and officers of the NDLTD;
  • guiding the Executive Director with regard to important issues; and
  • performing all other duties and assuming all other responsibilities as may be required by law or directed by the Board.
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Finance Austin McLean 
Executive Director Edward A. Fox 
Nominating Committee, Chair Janette Wright 
Co-Chair Membership Committee Joachim Schöpfel 
Conference Committee, Chair Ramesh C. Gaur 
Assistant Executive Director/Assistant Chair of the Board Suzie Allard 
Co-Chair Membership Committee Suzie Allard 
Secretary Teresa M. Green 
Showing 8 items