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Janette Wright

Janette Wright
As Dean of Libraries 
at the United Arab Emirates University, Janette Wright is leading a redevelopment of the United Arab Emirates University Libraries:
We strive to support a World-Class University with teaching and learning, research, accreditation and giving to the community. Beginning with a plan to redevelop the UAEU Libraries to ‘Redefine the role of the university Library’ I identified the following strategic priorities in Charting Change in November 2016:

 Redefining the Role of the Library 
 Stakeholder Consultation Performance metrics
 Staff Capability Library budgets and resourcing
 Open Access institutional repository - Scholarworks@UAEU Content, collections and Scholarly Communication
 Information Literacy Printing & Publishing
 Events and outreach; engagement Space planning and redevelopment

Since then I have worked with the University community of stakeholders to develop strategic plans, policies and initiatives based on evidence of current trends, stakeholder needs and resource availability. In 2017 the University recognised the work of the Library team in establishing the Scholarworks@UAEU institutional repository on the Digital Commons platform with the Chancellor’s Award for Institutional Excellence.

In my previous roles in the library and publishing industry I have worked to achieve better access to library services for people with disability and in remote locations; to support collaboration between libraries and to promote the benefit of libraries to the causes of community development, learning and scholarship.

Having worked with several vendors to the library industry including system vendors and subscription agencies, I appreciate the difficulties in meeting the needs of this market and the need for national and international cooperation with standards and resource-sharing.