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Board of Directors

E-mail inquiries to or, for the fastest response, to the most appropriate person in the list below.

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Allen Arnoldsen Controller, Harold B. Lee Library Brigham Young University USA 2020-22 2020 
Amina Itani E Resources Expert UAE University United Arab Emirates 2021-23 2021 
Ana Pavani Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Pontificate Catholic University Brazil 2019-21 2003 
Andreas Degkwitz Chief Librarian Humboldt University of Berlin Germany 2018-21 2015 
Austin McLean Director, Scholarly Communication and Dissertation Publishing ProQuest LLC USA 2020-22 2005 
Charles J. Greenberg Health Sciences Library Director Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine USA 2020-22 2011 
Edward A. Fox Professor of Computer Science Virginia Tech USA fox@VT.EDU  2019-21 2003 
Eric F. Van de Velde Independent Consultant and Owner EVdV Consulting USA 2019-21 2003 
Gabriela Meijas Engagement Manager, Global Consortia ORCID USA 2021-23 2021 
Gail McMillan Director, Scholarly Communication Virginia Tech USA gailmac@VT.EDU 2019-21 2003 
Hussein Suleman Associate Professor of Computer Science University of Cape Town South Africa 2019-21 2004 
Iryna Kuchma Open Access Programme Manager Electronic Information for Libraries (eIFL) The Netherlands 2019-21 2011 
Janette Wright Dean of Libraries United Arab Emirates University United Arab Emirates 2020-22 2020 
Joachim Schöpfel Associate professor in information sciences University of Lille France 2020-22 2015 
Libio Huaroto Manager Research Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas UPC Perú 2020-22 2012 
Mariam Al Jaberi Head of Digital Library Service UAE University United Arab Emirates 2021-23 2021 
Prashant Pandey Director and Copyright Officer for the Office of Library Services Charles Darwin University Australia 2019-21 2019 
Ramesh C. Gaur Dean and Director (Library & Information) Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA) (Ministry of Culture, Government of India) India 2019-21 2014 
Sanjaya Mishra Education Specialist, eLearning Commonwealth of Learning  Canada 2021-2023 2021 
Shu-Hsien Tseng Director-General, National Central Library National Central Library Taiwan 2019-21 2019 
Sofia Mota Library Director Portucalense Infante D. Henrique University, Portugal Portugal 2020-22 2020 
Suzie Allard Associate Professor and Associate Director The University of Tennessee USA 2021-23 2003 
Teresa M. Green Graduate Academic and ETD Services Specialist The University of Toledo USA 2020-22 2020 
William A. Ingram Assistant Dean, University Libraries Virginia Tech USA 2020-22 2020 
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