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Bid to Host ETD 2019, the 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations

posted Jun 23, 2017, 12:37 PM by NDLTD Admin
The NDLTD Conference Standing Committee is now accepting bids to host the 22nd 
International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations, ETD 2019. Hosting this prestigious international conference is a unique prospect since it also brings value to the hosting institution. As a host, the institution gains recognition as a thought leader in the areas of scholarly communication and digital pedagogy. In addition, the institution will share highlights of its scholarly accomplishments with conference delegates who come from well-known campuses from around the world. The conference also provides hosts with the opportunity to promote the most up-to- date scholarly practices to its own community of students and scholars and to identify partners across campus who are practicing digital pedagogy and who are proponents of scholarly communication.

Please submit your bid by e-mail to Ramesh C Gaur (, NDLTD Conference Standing Committee-Chair, on or before May 31, 2018. Bids will be reviewed by the NDLTD Conference Standing Committee and a recommendation will be presented to the Board at its next meeting. You will be notified shortly after the meeting as to whether or not your bid was successful.

The last symposium was held in Lille, France (ETD 2016). ETD 2017 will be held in Washington DC, USA During August 7-9, 2017. Some previous symposia were held in New Delhi, India (ETD 2015), Leicester, UK (ETD 2014), Hong Kong (ETD 2013); Lima, Peru (ETD 2012); Cape Town, South Africa (ETD 2011); Austin, Texas, USA (ETD 2010); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (ETD 2009); Aberdeen, Scotland (ETD 2008); Uppsala, Sweden (ETD 2007) Quebec City, Canada (ETD 2006), Sydney Australia (ETD 2005); Lexington, Kentucky, USA (ETD 2004), and Berlin, Germany (ETD 2003).The first meeting was held in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, in June 1998. ETD 2018 will be held at National Central Library, Taiwan during September 26-28, 2018.

Please note that should your institution be chosen to host ETD 2019 you will have the full support and help of the NDLTD Conference Standing Committee in preparing for the symposium. The conference planning handbook will also be available to the Local Organizing Committee. Potential bidders are encouraged to contact Ramesh C Gaur, Chair or any other member of the Conference Standing Committee early in the process of preparing their bid to express interest and receive guidance.

The following information should be included in your institution’s bid:
  • Rationale for hosting the conference
  • Your institution's involvement in ETD’s, past, present and future
  • The inclusion of a suggested conference theme and related sub-themes is not essential but will strengthen your bid.
  • Dates: Please include proposed conference dates and explain your choice. Please also indicate if dates are flexible.
  • Venue:
    • Geographic location and travel: how to get there
    • Detailed information on conference facilities, i.e., number and size of conference room
    • Availability of Internet access in conference rooms
  • Conference organization:
    • Level of logistical and financial support from host institution
    • Detailed information on conference support personnel
    • Detailed information on technical support personnel
    • Distribution of responsibility for conference organization
    • Capacity to record some/all of the conference on video (optional)
    • Committed sponsors, if any, and level of expected funding, if known
    • Capacity to record some/all of the conference on video
  • Accommodations: Type and cost
  • Access to conference venue
  • Proposed Social Activities
  • Tourist information, including nearby restaurants, local attractions
Bidders are encouraged to attend ETD 2017 in Washington DC, August 7-9, 2017 and ETD 2018 in Taiwan, September 26-28, 2018. Your participation can help in gathering more information about the organization of the symposium.